J & G Log Works
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Bench Marking Fibre Quality

The J & G Log Works Lumber Division was established to provide lumber to the domestic and international markets and to set high standards of integrity, innovation, and quality. As J & G Log Works strives to be a leader in providing excellent fibre quality, Husby (the parent company of J & G Log Works) log operations is SFI certified, providing its customers with yet another dimension in their marketing opportunities.

J & G Log Works has built its business and loyal, diverse customer base by listening to three simple demands: "on size", "on-grade", and "on-time".

J & G Log Works's core business of providing wood to wholesalers, end users, and niche markets finds its products destined for North America, Europe, and Asia.


  • Clear Flitches (3" to 14" thick knot free lumber)
  • Clear Boards (1/2" to 2-1/2" thick knot free lumber)
  • Windows / Doors, Flitches, Moulding


  • Thick Factory Flitches with Defects that can be resawn / ripped or trimmed to up-grade to smaller component parts (ie Windows / Door Parts)
  • Shop Boards that can be cross-cut or ripped to produce smaller clear type products (mouldings — finger-joint blocks, etc.)


  • Appearance Grade Timbers for Timber Frame Homes, Docks, Mining Timbers, etc.
  • Railway Ties
  • Traditional Japanese Structural Joists and Studs (ie Baby-Squares)
  • Decking / Siding / Fencing Blanks
  • Low-grade Commons and Utility used for Pallets / Forms etc.
  • J&G only custom cuts with highly reputable sawmills and encourages its customers to attend the process in order to fine tune their wholesale orders
  • One of J&G’s competitive advantages is its exclusive and captive log supply which ensures that scheduled cuts are “on-time”, “on-grade” and “on-price”.