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Bench Marking Fibre Quality

J&G is a specialized company focused on precision custom cut wood products to customers’ specifications. Specifically, J&G cuts Western Hemlock, Sitka Spruce, Red Cedar and Yellow Cedar lumber in a wide variety of sizes and grades. J&G provides the expertise, business intelligence, and infrastructure to deliver a high-quality product, yielding optimal returns on investment. Core Services include: project management, market analysis, and production planning of custom cut lumber for the domestic and international market.

The company’s lumber comes as a product of custom sawing, supplied from locations all over the coast of British Columbia. J&G purchases it's log supply on the open market from other major timber stakeholders. The company’s extensive industry connections allow J&G Log Works to position itself as one of Western Canada’s premier custom cut operations.

Logs are processed through a variety of state-of-the-art “custom cut” facilities that rent their space to J&G. Each sawmill differs in the equipment it provides and the experience of its employees; as a result, J&G chooses mills to use based upon on the lumber orders or the log grade it is cutting. These sawmills take J&G’s “cutting specifications” and transform the logs into the customers’ lumber orders. J&G’s quality control staff project manage and monitor the cut from start to finish ensuring all orders are completed “on time” and “on grade”. The lumber is tallied using state-of-the-art computerized systems, packaged as per customers’ requests and shipped to its final destination.

J&G customers are invited and encouraged to be present during the cut to ensure their order meets or exceeds their expectations.

Regarding Lumber Orders:

  • J&G principle customers are wholesalers and remanufacturers
  • Order sizes range from 1/2 a container (7-8 Mfbm) to larger bulk timber orders (up to 300 Mfbm)
  • J&G will process all orders upon mutual acceptance of the following conditions:
    1. The size fits the configuration of the cut  
    2. (ie. Special lengths/sizes must have “falldown considerations”)
    3. The volume is significant enough to justify the sawmill time required to produce the order to specification
    4. The agreed price provides a mutual margin for both parties
  • J&G is very flexible – sizes / lengths / grades can be different from the mainstream produced on B.C.’s coast
  • J&G custom cuts regularly so wholesalers can quote international business on a monthly / quarterly basis