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Maximizing Performance

J & G Log Works team members maximize their business-to-business relationships with three clear objectives: out perform, exceed expectations and source new opportunities. J & G Log Works's compact and high performance team is enthusiastic and proud of its 90% return business and is ready to expand into new markets, ie, Yellow Cedar. The company's keen team includes:

John Okamoto

John has been in the forest industry since 1984. His experience includes two years of training in a Japanese sawmill and 13 years at International Forest Products as a Log Coordinator, Custom Cut Coordinator, Japan Merch Sales Manager, and Industrial Clears Sales Manager. John joined J & G Log Works in 1999. He is involved in all aspects of the business of which include Custom-Cutting Hemlock, Cedar, Spruce and Cypress Logs for the North American, European and Asian markets. In 1985, John graduated from BCIT with a diploma in Forest Products and Business Administration. John is fluent in Japanese.

Glenn Fox

Glenn Fox has been active in the British Columbia coastal forest industry for over 25 years. He spent his first five years on the logging aspects and in 1988 joined International Forest Products. Glenn has extensive experience in both the round and square sides of the industry. His log experience includes log sorting, log purchasing and log sales. On the lumber side, his experience includes custom cutting, lumber remanufacturing, lumber sales and sawmill management. Glenn has a Business Degree from Simon Fraser University, a Forest Technology Diploma from BCIT, a Coastal Scaling Ticket, and a "AA" Coastal Lumber Grading Ticket.

Yosh Shoji

Yosh has been in the industry since 1996. working as a custom cut coordinator he works in the production and sales of the many different products J&G Logworks is proud to produce. Yosh graduated from SFU with a degree in Economics. Other educational credits include a Lumber Grading Ticket, Engineered Wood Products and Log scaling Review.

Tom Lang

Tom has been in the forest industry since 1975. In addition to his years of supervising sawmills and Superintendent roles, Tom also taught both all species and WRC grading classes for 10 years. He was also involved in the Coast Lumber grading championship where he placed 3rd overall. Tom also managed a number of Interfor mills including Squamish Lumber, Mackenzie Seizai and Hammond Cedar mill. His experience includes years of custom cutting, sawmill manufacturing, log breakdown and remanufacturing. Since joining J & G Log Works in 2012, Tom has been involved in all aspects of custom cutting, grading and lumber sales.

Mark Johnson

Mark has been working in the forest industry since 1998. He spent his first 7 years working on coastal dryland log sorts scaling and grading logs before joining Husby Forest Products in 2005 as a woodlands and log sort quality control coordinator. Mark started with J&G in 2009 training in the custom cut sawmilling business and also continued on with HFP as a log trader. Mark has a Civil and Structural Engineering Technology Diploma from BCIT, a Coastal Scaling Ticket, and a Coastal Lumber Grading Ticket.

Janet Soderholm-Araki

Janet has worked in the lumber industry since 1992. She joined J&G Log Works in 2002. She has worked extensively in both the lumber and log side of the business. She has attained the All Species Lumber Grading Ticket, managed shipping departments, kiln drying program, reman programs, inventory, invoicing and sales..

"We have found J & G Log Works to be a good supplier. On grade and on time."

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